Yoga – Key to Health

Yoga is a wonderful gift form God almighty. It is both art and science. Practice of yoga helps to overcome stress and frustration that we face in our day to day life. It helps to keep our mind body and soul calm and in vibe-rent condition. As we all know our mind and body are inter-related if something happens to the mind it will affect the body and vice versa.

Being healthy is our birth right. Visiting a physician or joining a health club or heath center will not make us healthy. Most of us assume that being muscular is being healthy. But sadly I have to say that it is entirely wrong. Being healthy means complete harmony of our body mind and soul. It is not just being muscular. Being healthy is entirely in our hands. But in present day condition it is becoming more and more difficult to keep oneself healthy. All sorts of evil have crept into our society corruption, murders, Cut-trot competition all these contribute to the progressive degeneration of human body and mind. By observing certain yogic principle we could maintain sound health. One could find inner piece joy and strength by practicing yoga.

Health means to know one self or our inner self. Yoga is the key to our inner self. Now a days whole atmosphere is surcharged with tension and various type of pollution. Even our working condition, hours and work style have changed all these factors leads to a significant amount of loss of energy form our body. We are unaware of this and we still blame the environment condition.If we catch fever or cold we blame weather forgetting the whole process of heath generated with in our-self. It is proven fact that the body itself have defense mechanism that prevent our body form getting disease. But when these defensive mechanism fails we get disease. By the practice of yoga not only our mind is benefited but also intrinsic strength of the inner organs is increase there by increase the toxin elimination process and hence increase in the immunity power of the body.

So in order to be fit both physically and mentally one should practice yoga if you invest your time in learning and practicing yoga I can guarantee you that ” you will never regret learning yoga.”