Omega Supplements and the Many Possible Health Benefits Form Their Use

Studies have been carried out by various health bodies and private organizations into the benefits of Omega 3. Resulting from these studies and tests various claims have been made and I will attempt to bring together some of these claims below. The information presented below has not been verified and is purely for educational use only. If you have any medical issues, then it is essential to get medical advice before using any omega supplement and expecting the supplement to cure the ailment.

So here is the lay mans list of claims, probably not exhaustive, because I am sure most people have some other ailment that Omega Supplements cure, some of these like this list are based on proper research, more of them might be in the category old wives tales and cures.

Cardiovascular disease has long been recognised as been minimized if we have an intake of Omega 3, indeed it is also claimed that heart disease is much lower where a high level of Omega 3 is ingested in the diet e.g. fish eating countries.

The growing problem of Diabetes may be counteracted somewhat by omega 3 fish oils as it helps to reduce some of the markers of diabetes such as apoproteins. The affect of lowering the markers is attributed to fish oils so it is imperative to get medical advice to sure you are using the correct omega supplement.

Fish Oils have been used for generation to relieve aches and pains in the bones and studies have proven that it does help to reduce the pain associated with arthritis.

Cancer particularly colon cancer risk is reduced when omega 3 supplements are part of the diet. It has long been recognised that Eskimos seem to suffer less colon cancer than other groups and this is generally attributed to their consumption of fish.

Use of omega supplements can help to reduce blood pressure, on the other hand people who are on blood thinning solutions need to have professional advice before embarking on a course of omega supplements.

An supplement that seems to have some positive benefit for most conditions if taken in the correct manner has obviously positive benefits in our interaction with other people and pops will swear it enhanced his libido over a number of years. Not sure if this was based on any scientific fact or not.

Finally supplements particularly omega 3 has long been seen as enhancing brain growth and studies have proven that omega 3 fatty assets are concentrated in the brain. Also pregnant women have for generations taken omega supplements. Studies have shown that this helps brain, vision and nerve growth in the foetus.

So where would you be going without your Omegas.