Health Elements For Children

It is every parents wish to have healthy, happy and fun loving children. Most parents are vigilant that their children are exposed to the right elements that will facilitate good health and form good habits.

There are several things a parent can do to encourage life long healthy habits for children, setting an example is the foremost important action a parent can take.When a child sees their parent living a healthy lifestyle fill with exercise, eating healthy meals including healthy snacks for children, getting enough sleep, drinking adequate water and reducing the amount of sugar consumed, this lifestyle is embedded in them and become life long practices. There are five elements of a healthy lifestyle for children:

Food is the number one cause of obesity amongst children today. Making the wrong food choices today can lead to detrimental effects tomorrow. Teaching children how to following the health pyramids and eat with it’s guideline will benefit them. Making sensible choices when it comes to healthy eating snacks for children, will teach them how to balance their snacks. Not because it is a snack means it has to be junk.

Breakfast is an issue that is quite noticeable at the breakfast program in schools. Children are not eating breakfast at home, there may not be enough time in the morning or there may be a cost factor but, whatever it is they are not getting it.

Water is like the forbidden substance, children are not drinking enough the flush their system of toxins. Naturally children like sweets and that includes sugary drinks like sodas. Water will help flush some of that sugar and unhealthy substance out of their bodies. Water also hydrates the body and allows it to cool down naturally. Children would benefit greatly from healthy snacks for children with a glass of water.

This area is of major concerns when it comes to children and their health. Because, our society has changed so much, children are not taking advantage of the outdoors. Where they get fresh air in their lungs and outdoors escapades doing different activities and gaining much needed physical exuberance. Children spend majority of their time at home indoors, they are hooked on video games and addicted to the computer. They spend hours and hours text messaging or talking on the phone. This has become second nature that the children actually have started hating being outdoors.

Parents are scared of the prevalent criminal activities on children and children have picked up on parents fear. If nothing is done and things continue in the same manner we are going to have a society filled with obese children.

Children are not getting enough sleep. It is visible in the classrooms as children arrive at school still half asleep and tired. Sometimes they are loaded with homework and is up late completing it. Other times they are watching television or playing video games. Sleep nourishes the brain and allows it to be refreshed and ready to retain information, sleeps also enable you to be agile and alert.

Spiritual Awareness
A person does not have to be religious to be aware of a Spiritual presence. Children should learn to have respect for their environment and learn to take care of this earth for generations to come.

Being Happy
It is important that children enjoy their childhood, they deserve to be happy and care free. They should not be made to free guilt or burden down with the cares of life. Children need to laugh and play and have innocent fun. It is important that they go through the stages of growing up without any deviation on that set course of adulthood.

These elements should be kept in mind for children in order for them to cross the threshold into being a healthy adult.