Visas for Round the World Travel

Checking visa requirements for the countries you’re visiting is essential. There’s nothing worse than arriving somewhere and being told you can’t enter because you haven’t got the right paperwork.

So, what is a visa? In short, it’s a stamp or form placed in your passport when you enter (and sometimes when you leave) a foreign country. It shows permission to travel to, enter, transit or stay in a country. It doesn’t guarantee entry – that remains the right of the country’s immigration officers.

What do you do to get the required visas? If you’re organising your itinerary independently of a travel agency, you need to check with the embassies of each of the countries you’re planning to visit. If you’re organising your itinerary through an agency, they should be able to advise you.

The rules for entry vary, so it’s worth checking ahead of time. Here are some of the things you may need to bear in mind.

Application times
Application times vary. It could take weeks, or you could pick up your visa online or on entry to the country.

Visas are sometimes free, but they can also cost up to £50 or £60.

Length of time on your passport
To enter some countries your passport must still be valid for up to eight months.

Airline tickets
To get some visas you have to be able to show your airline tickets on application. In other cases, you must be able to prove you have an onward ticket from the country.

Some African countries insist you have a Yellow Fever certificate.

Medical insurance
It’s worth checking the requirements for medical insurance. However, if you’re travelling around the world, it’s highly recommended that you get insurance anyway.

Maximum stay
All countries quote a maximum amount of time you can stay. Make sure this fits with your schedule.

In rare cases, to visit a country you will need a letter of invitation.

In other rare cases, you will need to prove that you have sufficient funds to stay in the country – and also enough money to leave.

Check clothing requirements, as some countries refuse entry to people who don’t comply with rules for general appearance.

Backpacking – A New Perspective On World Travel

Everyone loves a new adventure into unchartered territory, the risk and anticipation of entering a new country for the first time can be a feeling that’s near impossible to put into words.

Even if sometimes, it may not be the typical relaxing vacation or the entertainingly luxurious holiday, but there’s always that particular inkling in one’s personality to move away from the ‘R and R’ style holiday, and take on something a little more risky and exciting. Welcome to the world of backpacking!

Backpacking appeals to the curious, thrill seeking side of one’s personality, the personality that requires you to step outside of your comfort zone, but once you’ve made the decision; there really is no comparison to a typical, lie around on a beach style holiday. Backpacking isn’t the standard experience that the majority of most travelers are taking, it’s more of a feeling of fulfillment and contentment after taking such an adventure, it’s not so much about where you’re going, but about how you’re getting there, what you see and experience along the way.

Backpacking involves nature, environment, animals, flora and fauna, wilderness, lands, mountains, and more. It’s not the usual family vacations or group trips that you’ll be housed in nice and comfortable hotels with everyone at your beck and call to serve you of your little needs and demands. Backpacking is more of a back to basics trip, where your experience depends on how well you blend and cohabitate with nature, and how much you are willing to give to such preservation. The success of backpacking trips is not about visiting the standard tourist spots (although you may want to do this along the way as well), it’s about getting outside of the tourist destinations and experiencing the real culture of the places you’re visiting, sharing your exposure to a new way of life with your fellow travelers.

It’s a common misconception that backpacking is suitable for the younger generation only. Although the majority of people you see backpacking are younger, there are plenty of opportunities for the older generation to get out into the wild world and backpack around the world. It’s always a great site to see a group of older folk traveling around the world, whether it is as part of a package or self-organized.

The golden rule with backpacking is that you get out of it what you put in, whether you’re 19 or 45.

How A World Traveler Came To Live In Thailand

Mike Hurst was a musician. Tall with long dark brown hair and blue eyes, he looked every inch the traveling Irish folk musician he was. He’d quit his job in London selling advertising when he neared thirty and traveled across the world playing music in restaurants, bars, on street corners, to pay his way.

During his latest trip around Asia he’d lazed on the beautiful beaches of Bali and Phuket, seen a rare Balinese funeral, stayed in a long house beside the crystal clear waters of Lake Toba, and played his fiddle for a bunch of kids outside a market in Panang, Sumatra. He’d crouched in cramped buses while drunks crooned off-key Sinatra songs, slept on the floor of a dirty train between Surabaya and Jakarta, and survived blood poisoning from a mosquito-bitten finger.

Mike always traveled light; just a small rucksack with a couple of changes of clothes, a battered guitar and his hundred year old fiddle. While in Bali he had a local artisan carve him an ivory bridge, and he’d fashioned a beautiful ebony fingerboard and fixed it to the fiddle himself. His fiddle was the only possession he truly treasured.

One day, this was during the Marcos era, he flew into the Philippines on his way to Japan after a year-long trek through Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Mike stayed a few days in Manila, but the noise, pollution and frantic pace soon had him on the move. He headed north on a Rabbit bus and ended up in Baguio. Five thousand feet high up in the mountains, Baguio was a picturesque town of steep hills, a large open market, surrounded by mysterious looking wooded hillsides covered in fir trees.

He was lucky to meet a local Filipino called Nino who heard him singing in a coffee shop the day after he arrived. Nino asked him to sing at his pub in the center of town, gave him a small but adequate salary, and a rustic old house up in the hills to stay in.

Mike loved living in the old house. Each morning he would wake up and breathe in the pine-scented air and look out across the valley from his bedroom window. The view was spectacular. Smoke curled up from chimneys of the few houses further down the valley, making the valley look like a scene from a Chinese brush painting.

Sure, there was no hot water. He had to bathe in freezing water drawn from the rainwater tank behind the house. That was invigorating. And the furniture was minimal, but this suited him because he didn’t believe in crowding his life with excess baggage anyway. He had a bed to sleep in, a roof over his head, a job he loved doing. He was happy.

But life has a funny way of turning the tables on you.

A couple of months after he arrived in Baguio he went a couple of thousand feet down the mountain to Asin, a beautiful sulphur hot water spring resort. It was run by another friend he’d met in Baguio, so they spent a pleasant day together downing beers and relaxing in the steaming waters.

That afternoon when he returned to his house he was stunned to see that it was empty. Everything he owned was gone, including his musical instruments. All he had was what he stood up in. Luckily, he had his passport, his onward ticket to Tokyo, and a small amount of money, but that was it. Mike was stunned. He immediately called the police and made a report. They promised to try and find the culprit and then went on their way laughing to each other.

Mike realized they weren’t going to do much about it. After all, he was a foreigner and he’d lost some money, a few clothes and his musical instruments. Hardly worth bothering about. But he wanted his violin back if possible. So, he started making inquiries among his friends and soon heard rumors that Nino’s brother, Nono, was responsible for the robbery. He was jealous of Mike and wanted to live in the house himself. But instead of politely asking Mike to move he’d decided to clear him out completely, keeping all Mike’s possessions into the bargain.

Mike realized that there was no way to prove his suspicions, so he bowed to the inevitable and moved in with some friends working in the Peace Corps and sent to Ireland for more money.

Meanwhile, another Filipino friend promised to lend him some money if he ran short so that he could afford to eat and pay his rent. Mike managed to pay for a cheap guitar that sounded good because the local maker had shaved the back almost paper thin. Using this, he continued to play in local bars and restaurants to support himself. Despite the occasional work he got he still had to borrow some money from his friend to buy the bare essentials. It was a difficult and humbling period.

Two months passed and no money had arrived, so he went to Manila to ask his bank to find out where it was. They reported that the money had indeed been sent….to Kuala Lumpur. Apparently, the Irish bank thought it was in the Philippines! A forgivable mistake, Mike thought. After all, they are both in Asia. The bank promised to have the money transferred to his account in Manila, and Mike returned to Baguio to wait for it.

Finally, another month later, the money arrived. The first thing he did was repay the friend who had lent him enough money to survive on. Then it was time to move on.

Although he had an air ticket to Japan he decided to head back to the UK where he could work and make enough money to continue his travels again in the future. So, he put the word out around his friends that he had a one-way ticket to Japan for sale. A couple of evenings later a Rhodesian calling himself Mike Hunt turned up at the coffee shop where he was singing and told Mike he would like to buy his air ticket. As they talked, Mike realized that Hunt was obsessed with James Bond, the movie secret agent. Hunt claimed that he modeled his life on Bond. He tried to speak, act and live like him. It was a strange way to live your life, Mike thought, but it seemed to make Hunt happy.

Mike was elated that Hunt wanted to buy his air ticket, and they made plans to meet in Manila the next Friday night where they would complete the deal. Hunt told him he would treat Mike to a free weekend at a 5-star Manila hotel owned by the Marcos family. “Don’t worry,” he told Mike, “I’ll pay for everything. And I’ll pay for the air ticket then too.”

This sounded like a good deal to Mike. He turned up on Friday afternoon, met Hunt, and they checked in. Hunt carried a large heavy looking suitcase, while Mike carried just his small rucksack. Before going to the hotel, on Hunt’s advice, he’d stashed his guitar and the rest of his stuff at a friend’s place where he could pick it up on the way to the airport on Sunday before flying off to Bangkok on his way home. Hunt had told him there was no need to carry all his gear with him to the hotel because he wouldn’t need it. Mike only realized later on why Hunt had advised him to do this.

That night they went down to the disco in the basement and had a great time. Hunt signed for all the drinks. The next day they lazed beside the pool all day after a sumptuous breakfast. Every time they ordered a drink or food, Hunt signed the bill. Mike reckoned they were racking up a considerable bill, but his new friend didn’t appear to be concerned. This reassured Mike that Hunt could afford to pay for the air ticket. He was, he admitted to himeslf, a bit mystified why Hunt would want to buy his ticket when he could obviously afford to buy one from a travel agent, but he just shrugged and congratulated himself on his good luck. Mike wasn’t one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

That night they went back down to the disco and danced till late. Hunt continued to sign for the drinks, including those of a gaggle of girls who flocked around the big spending pair. They had a hilarious night and staggered up to their rooms when the disco closed at 2 a.m. They made a date to meet for breakfast at nine that morning so that they could check out of the hotel in time for Hunt to catch his 11.30 plane to Tokyo.

The next morning Mike was awoken by a knock on his door at 8 a.m. He staggered out of bed and opened it to see Hunt standing there dressed and ready for bear.

“What are you doing up so early?” Mike slurred.

“I thought we should clear up our business so that we have time to spare to get to the airport.” Hunt responded.

Mike just shrugged and said he’d be in Hunt’s room in five minutes. His mouth was dry and his head ached. He was in no condition to ask why Hunt needed so much time to settle the air ticket business, but it didn’t sound good. He went into his bathroom for a quick wash and then went next door to Hunt’s room hoping to clear up the sale in a few minutes. When he went in he saw Hunt standing there with a large folder under his arm. Mike sat down in one of the lounge chairs and then got right to the point. “Have you got the money for the ticket?”

“No.” Hunt replied. “That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“What do you mean? You said you would pay me for the ticket today and now you are telling me you don’t have the money. Do you expect me to just give it to you?” Mike demanded irritably.

“Well, yes actually, I want you to trust me until after I get a job in Tokyo and have made enough money to repay you.” Hunt said.

“Oh sure. So if you don’t have enough money for the ticket, how are you paying for the hotel?” Mike asked.

“Er, that’s another thing. I’m not paying for it. My suitcase was just for show. It’s stuffed with newspapers and a couple of bricks. We’re just going to walk out of here this morning.”

“What?!” exploded Mike. “You want me to trust you for the price of the ticket and you are going to cheat the hotel into the bargain? That’s not a good basis for establishing trust is it?

“Wait. Look here and I’ll explain.” Hunt said opening his bulky file. “I’ve prepared for this trip. I can show you. I have listed all the ways I can live cheaply in Japan when I get there. I’ve got lists of cheap guesthouses to stay at. I have researched everything thoroughly and I have even learned the rudiments of the Japanese language in the last 3 months while I prepared. I can easily get a good job teaching English up there and get back on my feet within a few months.” Hunt said.

He showed Mike the contents of his file and went through it. Everything Hunt said he would need to ensure he could survive in Tokyo was meticulously written out in a master plan. Mike was not impressed.

“Look, you’ve just made me an unwitting accessory to cheating the hotel. There’s no way I’m going to give you the air ticket without getting paid.”

At this, Hunt broke down in tears and pleaded, but Mike stood firm. No money, no ticket.

Hunt saw his tears were not working, but he continued pleading some more, and Mike started to feel sorry for him. So eventually he pointed to Hunt’s expensive Nikon camera and said, “Give me your camera as security and I’ll give you the ticket. You can recover the camera when you repay the money.”

At first, Hunt tried to say no because he claimed he would need the camera in Japan, but eventually he saw that Mike would not part with the ticket unless he handed over the camera.

“Now, there is just one more thing you have to do for me.” Hunt went on. “You have to go to the airport with me this morning. I’ve been out to the airport already and researched the check-in procedure. Once they issue you with a boarding pass with your name hand written on it they don’t ask to see your ticket again. So I need you to go to the airport with me to check in and then we’ll change your name to mine on the boarding pass. It will be even easier than I thought because our names are so similar.”

By now, Mike realized that he would have to go along with Hunt. He didn’t have enough money to cover the hotel bill. Imelda Marcos could afford to cover it for them, so he packed up his meager belongings in his rucksack, slung it over his back and they both trooped down to the lobby and out the door. One of the hotel security men looked at them meanly, probably because Mike looked nervous, but he didn’t try to stop them. Once they were away from the hotel Mike heaved a huge sigh of relief and they headed for the airport.

Mike checked in for the flight to Tokyo, handed over the boarding pass, Hunt changed the name and then headed for the departure area. Everything seemed to be going smoothly.

Mike turned away and thought to himself that he’d never see his money or Hunt ever again. But he was wrong.

Mike went to his friend’s house to pick up the rest of his gear and then he headed back to the airport for his 4 p.m. flight to Bangkok. When he got there he walked up to the check in counter and presented his air ticket. The clerk who had been on duty in the morning was still there. He looked up with a start.

“But….but you went to Tokyo this morning. What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Oh, I changed my mind and decided to go back to Bangkok instead. It’s so boring in Tokyo.” Mike replied nonchalantly.

The clerk shook his head, filled out the boarding pass and then handed it over.

“Er, have a good trip. I hope you make it this time.”

“Thanks.” said Mike and headed for the departure area.

He zoomed into Thailand and a week that was to change his life.

Apartments for Rent – A Guide

Dallas apartments for rent are of different types. One can choose from compact Apartments having one bedroom plus one bathroom to spacious ones having multi bedrooms plus multi bathrooms type. The following prices are indicative: $1100-1200 for a 900 square feet (2 BR, 2BA) Apartment, $820-930 from 560 square feet (1BR, 1BA) Apartment. For the same area, cost also varies with levels of luxuries provided. It is entirely up to you, financial position or comfort level, to decide on the Dallas apartments for rent.

You can use agencies like “UMove Free” free Apartment locators or else if you have a PC and internet connection plug to Dallas apartments Power Search from which you will come to know the availability of varying types of rental apartments in Dallas. By giving precise search words like one bedroom or two bedroom apartments, furnished kitchen etc., you can narrow down the search and exactly land on the type of rental Apartment that you have in mind. For this purpose, you can also use handouts like Simple Guide to Dallas, Texas apartments.

If you want to successfully negotiate rental apartments in Dallas then you should be aware of some important tips before you decide to call on the Apartment Owner:
a) decide the size of the Apartment;
b) decide whether you want to keep pets at home; not all Apartment Owners consider favorably keeping pets like dogs and fish. Hence in case you want to keep pets your choice of finding a suitable Apartment gets restricted;
c) pay all your pending bills and keep your account updated and loan free; a few pending bills of low value may not matter. Your credit position may not be very healthy, but if your previous rent paying history was near perfect with all receipts preserved, then such a record may speak for you for renting apartments in Dallas;
d) fix up a co-signer, probably your best office friend who has a fair credit position, to sign as surety for executing the rental Agreement with the Dallas apartment Owner;
e) show your interest in paying a slightly higher security deposit than that demanded by the Dallas, Texas apartment owner and mention that you do not have any problem for paying a few months of rents in advance.

All in all, by adopting an intelligent approach you can easily manage taking a Dallas apartment for rent.

Some Easy Tips For Finding Apartments That Suit You

Some easy tips for finding apartments in Chicago will enable you to find the right one easily. Most newcomers do not have ideas to locate the apartments.

Finding apartments in Chicago is not an easy task for any newcomer. Whether, you are looking for renting or buying, you should do some market research. Moreover, you should keep certain things in your mind before you start looking for Chicago apartments. Knowing such things will help you to locate apartments easily.

You can take the help of an apartment locator to find the ideal apartment for you. These apartment locators can help you find Chicago apartments easily because most of them have ideas about locality. You should provide the apartment locator all the details about the type of apartment you are looking for. Whether you are looking for a condominium or a two bedroom apartment or for a shared apartment, should be clear. Nowadays, many people go in for sharing apartments as a cost effective measure.

Ask your agent or property owner about facilities like pets, parking and other such issues beforehand. You do not have to waste time if such facilities are not provided. Some property owners do not allow pets. Some property owners do not have private garages. So inquire about such facilities before you commit for the apartment.

You should have an idea about the locality where you want an apartment. Whether it is the north side or south side of Chicago you are searching for Chicago apartments for rent. You cannot go on searching vaguely without any proper idea. You should also have an idea about your budget while searching for apartments in Chicago. Give all these details to your agent before he starts locating the apartments for you. This will save a lot of money and precious time for you as well as the locator.

You should start the apartment searching at the right time. Start at least three months before you decide to move into Chicago apartments for rent. Trying to locate one at the last moment will increase all your problems. If you are searching for Chicago Illinois apartments, then carry a camera with you. Store all the details about the apartments you have seen. Otherwise, you may forget some of them. Finally, do not forget to keep your check ready while searching for Chicago apartments for rent. Most property owners ask for a month’s rent in advance. Otherwise you may lose your favorite apartments to another applicant.
Give the documents about leasing and other rules for writing. So you can move into your Chicago Illinois apartments as fast as you can.

Apartment Rental Prices in Orlando

If you’re looking for Orlando apartments, you should first start researching what these housing units rent for in and around the city. You may soon realize that the enormous demand for Orlando apartments for rent is high because vacationers looking to get away to a sunny locale are using these housing options for short-term stays and shunning the traditional hotel vacation. Right now, the average price of one-bedroom apartments in Orlando is $768 per month and the average rent on a two bedroom is $862 a month. Three or more bedrooms can run you closer to $1,000 a month, and that doesn’t include utilities. Each of these types of apartments have gone up considerably in the past decade. We’re talking $100 or more a month, thanks to these sun-seeking tourists who will do anything to get the best deals for their vacation dollars.

Take Brevard County, for example: a one-bedroom apartment starts in the mid $600s and goes up to $1000. Two bedrooms cost a lot more and can run you more than $1,600 a month. Of course, rents depend on all the amenities being offered by each of the apartment complexes and the size of each of the apartments. Look at Harbor Bay. There you can find a one-bedroom apartment for $619, which comes with a swimming pool and pool area that has Wi-Fi access, 24-hour emergency maintenance, a car wash area, and even window treatments. Two-bedroom units have the same amenities but they will cost $50 to $200 more because of the extra space.

Now, the Preserve at Longleaf apartment complex will run you a bit more because it’s a more luxurious development with higher end amenities. Single bedroom apartments will cost you $925 to $950 a month. Two bedrooms will run you $1,035 to $1,350 and rent on three-bedroom apartments range from $1,355 to $1,550.

Apartments in Airport North range from $590 for a one bedroom, $690 for a two bedroom, and $940 for a three bedroom unit. The Airport North area is convenient because of its close proximity to Orlando International Airport. Lee Vista Club apartments located at 5903 Lee Vista Blvd offer a range of amenities. These include: volleyball courts, pools, fitness center, business center, club house, and a playground. One bedrooms go for $613, two bedrooms are $724, and three bedrooms cost $829.

Downtown Orlando apartments tend to cost a little more due to the close proximity to many popular restaurants and entertainment venues. One bedrooms start at $800, two bedrooms start at $1150, and three bedrooms start at $1350. Most of the apartment communities in Downtown Orlando offer fitness centers, pools, parking garage, concierge, and business centers. A popular apartment is Post Parkside located at 425 E. Central Blvd. One bedrooms go for $975, two bedrooms for $1640, and three bedrooms for $2155.

The prices on Orlando apartments for rent shouldn’t be the only consideration when looking at the lengthy offerings of Orlando apartment listings. That’s because some of the complexes offer to pay the utilities – water, sewer, trash — for their tenants, while others don’t. You’ll want to make sure you compare apples to apples, and not apples to oranges. The best way to do that is to ask for the average bill for utilities in the apartment complex you’re considering so you can accurately judge if you can afford the costs.

Still, more consideration should be given to the Orlando apartments that offer other invaluable amenities like garages, carports, and additional storage that can be another monthly expenditure. And don’t forget about the different options for laundry services. Are there washer/dryer hookups in the units or is there a central laundry facility on the premises? These are things you’ll want to know before you select the apartment that’s right for you.

The amount of rent an apartment building or complex charges should be just one of many things you need to consider when figuring out your housing costs each month. With a little bit of research and due diligence before choosing one of the many Orlando apartments for rent, you’ll be sure to select the right one.

Joy Michelle is an Internet marketing consultant and enjoys helping people find great products on the Internet.

Body Acne Treatments – Chin Acne Causes and the No Side Effect Solutions

There is no single thing that causes chin acne. There are a number of contributing factors, including genetics, hormonal activity and diet. The underlying causes of the problem, however, are primarily bacteria overgrowth and inflammation.

A pimple, cyst or boil is a bacterial infection. The infections actually respond to antibiotics taken orally or antibiotic ointments, which are applied topically.

But, since acne is a condition that usually continues for a number of years, oral antibiotics are not usually recommended. Taking antibiotics on a daily basis for years would wreak havoc on the digestive system and could open the body up to more serious infections, as the body builds up a kind of tolerance to the antibiotics. Stronger and stronger ones would be needed.

Antibacterial ointments can be used on a regular basis, but they can cause skin irritation and their use is generally reserved for the infected pimple. Natural antibacterial compounds can be used on a regular basis, without causing irritation.

If you are looking for a home remedy for acne, look for tea tree or Neem oil. Both are natural anti-bacterial compounds. They have anti-inflammatory activity, too. So, they address both of the underlying causes of pimples or spots.

Doctors commonly prescribe isotretinoin for acne. It is known to reduce or completely resolve the problem within 4-6 months, but it is accompanied by numerous side effects. Some of which can be very serious.

What many people do not realize is that isotretinoin is a synthetic form of vitamin A. Taking beta-carotene supplements or increasing your intake of foods like carrots could have the same benefit and can be used on a long-term basis, without doing any damage to your health.

The form of vitamin A found in animals and fish can be toxic at high doses, which is probably why isotretinoin has such a negative effect on the body and has been known to damage the liver. Beta-carotene is converted within the body to vitamin A on an as-needed basis. It is not possible to get too much beta-carotene in your diet.

Numerous studies have shown that people with acne have low blood levels of vitamin A and vitamin E. Taking a good daily multi-vitamin will correct that and could help prevent future breakouts.

Time may be all that it takes to cure chin acne. While close to 90% of all teenagers have them, most adults are pimple-free. So, try some of the remedies mentioned here and let nature take its course.

Health Elements For Children

It is every parents wish to have healthy, happy and fun loving children. Most parents are vigilant that their children are exposed to the right elements that will facilitate good health and form good habits.

There are several things a parent can do to encourage life long healthy habits for children, setting an example is the foremost important action a parent can take.When a child sees their parent living a healthy lifestyle fill with exercise, eating healthy meals including healthy snacks for children, getting enough sleep, drinking adequate water and reducing the amount of sugar consumed, this lifestyle is embedded in them and become life long practices. There are five elements of a healthy lifestyle for children:

Food is the number one cause of obesity amongst children today. Making the wrong food choices today can lead to detrimental effects tomorrow. Teaching children how to following the health pyramids and eat with it’s guideline will benefit them. Making sensible choices when it comes to healthy eating snacks for children, will teach them how to balance their snacks. Not because it is a snack means it has to be junk.

Breakfast is an issue that is quite noticeable at the breakfast program in schools. Children are not eating breakfast at home, there may not be enough time in the morning or there may be a cost factor but, whatever it is they are not getting it.

Water is like the forbidden substance, children are not drinking enough the flush their system of toxins. Naturally children like sweets and that includes sugary drinks like sodas. Water will help flush some of that sugar and unhealthy substance out of their bodies. Water also hydrates the body and allows it to cool down naturally. Children would benefit greatly from healthy snacks for children with a glass of water.

This area is of major concerns when it comes to children and their health. Because, our society has changed so much, children are not taking advantage of the outdoors. Where they get fresh air in their lungs and outdoors escapades doing different activities and gaining much needed physical exuberance. Children spend majority of their time at home indoors, they are hooked on video games and addicted to the computer. They spend hours and hours text messaging or talking on the phone. This has become second nature that the children actually have started hating being outdoors.

Parents are scared of the prevalent criminal activities on children and children have picked up on parents fear. If nothing is done and things continue in the same manner we are going to have a society filled with obese children.

Children are not getting enough sleep. It is visible in the classrooms as children arrive at school still half asleep and tired. Sometimes they are loaded with homework and is up late completing it. Other times they are watching television or playing video games. Sleep nourishes the brain and allows it to be refreshed and ready to retain information, sleeps also enable you to be agile and alert.

Spiritual Awareness
A person does not have to be religious to be aware of a Spiritual presence. Children should learn to have respect for their environment and learn to take care of this earth for generations to come.

Being Happy
It is important that children enjoy their childhood, they deserve to be happy and care free. They should not be made to free guilt or burden down with the cares of life. Children need to laugh and play and have innocent fun. It is important that they go through the stages of growing up without any deviation on that set course of adulthood.

These elements should be kept in mind for children in order for them to cross the threshold into being a healthy adult.

Holistic Health: Feeding the Whole Person

The dictionary definition of holistic is “… relating to the medical consideration of the complete person, physically and psychologically, in the treatment of disease”.

Joshua Rosenthal chose to look at elements of many dietary theories from all parts of the world and even from conflicting viewpoints to create the philosophy of bio-individuality. He teaches that integration of the whole person and focusing on one’s individual needs is key to a healthful lifestyle

Even though I love to talk to people about food, the designation of Holistic Health Coach means I have a responsibility to guide clients to look at themselves as a complete person as they strive to reach health and wellness goals.

Weight loss seems to be the number 1 goal for many people who seek out a health coach. There’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting to be a healthy weight. Many of the most prevalent and life-threatening diseases of our time are directly related to obesity. However, weight is often a symptom of bigger and more complex issues.

Unfortunately, people struggling with weight issues have often been duped into believing myths about how to overcome the problem. Most of these myths and half-truths only address a small piece of the puzzle and do not look at the whole or complete person. Everyone wants a magic bullet, and frankly, there just isn’t one.

If weight loss were as simple as deciding to eat less and exercise more wouldn’t everyone just do it? Of course they would! But willpower alone isn’t the answer. Without addressing the whole person and their physical as well as psychological condition, sheer willpower falls short.

We want to be sated when we eat, and yet when part of our whole self is still hungry, we may continue to eat even though we’re full, to fill a void that food just can’t fill. Everyone can relate to this at one time or another at some point in their life.

When we eat, we feed much more than just our physical body. We feed our needs for comfort, activity, and connection among other things. There is nothing wrong with feeding those needs when we eat, but they should be fed from other Primary Food™ sources (career, relationships, spirituality and physical activity) as well.

Physical activity, for instance will feed our need for activity better than eating, and healthy relationships will feed our needs for comfort and connection.

Not all of our Primary Food gives us what we need at all times. For instance, in a time of relationship upheaval, our spirituality may feed our need for comfort and our career our need for connection. Everyone’s life situation changes over time, which is why we must be aware of what we are hungry for and how to feed that hunger.

One other need we often overlook is simply our need for rest. Personally I can attest to eating to keep going even though I’m not hungry. Staying up too late, getting just one more thing done and eating to stay awake is a habit I’ve worked to break. I find that when I’m rested I’m so much more effective in everything I do. That might seem simplistic and obvious, but it sure has been a fight to get myself to act on it!

If you are struggling to find balance in how you feed yourself in all areas of your life and would like to talk to a holistic health coach, please visit my website, and fill out a health history form. When you submit it I’ll contact you for a free consultation. There is no obligation and I would consider it a privilege to visit with you about holistic health and the whole you!

Rejuvenate Your Entire System With a Full Body Detox

In the modern world where even the air is contaminated with pollutants, all of us should realize the importance of detoxification, mainly a full body detox. Most of us are under the impression that we are living healthy lifestyles but we still seem to suffer from tiredness and lethargy. If you have similar problems, maybe it is time that you should consider going for a detox program. Such detox programs are extremely popular and there are many different variations available.

Detoxification (i.e., detox) is important as it can help eliminate harmful substances from within the body. These harmful toxins if not removed, can lead to health issues like fatigue, nausea, and even serious diseases. There are numerous detox diets that can help you detoxify. The main trick behind a it is to adopt specific eating habits that exclude certain food items that contain harmful toxins; these special diets are rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. Certain food items like meat, certain grains, dairy products, caffeine, and white flour are temporarily removed from the diet.

These diets usually start with a short period of fasting that is followed by a strict diet of fruits, vegetables, plenty of water and fruit juices. The best diet plan would be to base your diet on fresh vegetables and fruits, lean sources of protein, whole grains, and unsaturated fats. You can combine such diet plans with regular exercise, massage therapy, and proper relaxation for the best detox program.

The full body detox provides physical and mental well-being; it also gives a sense of rejuvenation and healing. It effectively helps cleanse your body from the inside. Sometimes in certain programs, herbal laxatives are also used to flush out harmful toxins from the body. These programs last for about 7 to 10 days and after a full detox, people feel more refreshed and energized.

There are several other methods available for detox like a juice diet, detox body wrap, detox teas, and a number of other detoxification products as well. There are also many ways by which you can aid your internal detoxification system to better detoxify your body. Here below are some ways that you can incorporate for a full body detox:

A) Consume food items that are rich in selenium to help detoxify your body.
B) Adding zinc to you regular diet can be extremely helpful as zinc protects the body form the harmful effects of toxins.
C) Buying organic produce is a good option and it is wise to choose homeopathic medicine over over-the-counter commercial drugs.
D) Drink plenty of water to help flush out all the harmful toxins from your body.

If you are planning to go for a full body detox, ensure that you have good guidance. Following the right steps for a full body detox shall help you cleanse your body in a matter of days and you shall notice a boost in your energy. Detoxification can purify you both mentally and physically to help you get the best out of life. So get rid of the toxins that are weighing your down and start your full body detox program today!